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Lammas Blessings

“Slowly the burgeoning energy of summerhas shifted, and at Lughnasad we begin to see signs of the wheel’s turning. The earth ripens and grows mellow, we can smell the warm and heavy difference in the air. All around us, plants once stiff with juice are drying, going to seed.✨Everywhere are the signs of harvest, with roadside stands and farmers markets overflowing with produce.The light at sunset grows hazy and golden, and the nighttime insect lullabies outside our windows are softer, weaving through our dreams.✨The festival is named for the ancientCeltic sun god, Lugh, one of several gods who must die to be reborn; Lughnasad becomes a feast of mourning for his passing. Old songs such as "John Barleycorn" echo the...

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MothWood Crystals Reviews

Anita sources the most amazing crystals, I'm sure she has a special touch with them, the magical pieces I've received from Mothwood always have a special glow and energy of love sent with them the clarity and extra sparkle of these beauties shows they are chosen with a skilled eye and loving heart. And the customer service always leaves you with a warm smile ,thank you Anita. -ShaniKae NSW

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