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Crystal of the Week Gold Rutile Quartz

Midsummer, also known as ‘Litha’ , is the time of the year when the days are longest and the nights shortest. The colours of the season are red and gold, representing heat and ripe fruit, and fruit is eaten in thanks. 

Healings, growth spells, empowerment spells, and love magick are all incredibly potent at this time of the year. It is a time when all things are possible, and the sprites and faeries of Midsummer Night can cause mischief in the mortal world. It is considered that the veil between the immortal and mortal worlds is thin at Midsummer, and that time can be stretched and twisted as the worlds are drawn closer together.

For Summer Solstice, think of crystals that celebrate solar power, inner power and abundance, brightening our lives with its sunlight . Gold Rutile Quartz, Amber, Honey Calcite, Pyrite, Gold Tigerseye, Sunstone, Citrine are a few we recommend working with during Midsummer. 

We’ve chosen to highlight Gold Rutile Quartz for Crystal of the week, perfect to match Midsummers energy. The energetic Rutilated Quartz will help you face life’s challenges and give you the courage to move forward and leave the past behind!

Celestially there’s a lot going today tonight with a rare & powerful close conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn which hasn’t occurred since the Middle Ages! Gold Rutile Quartz is believed to facilitate a connection with the energies of the cosmos, also strengthening and improving your spiritual communication.

This exceptional Golden angel hair rutile Smokey Quartz sphere perfect for the serious crystal collector, now available online.

There are no rules to how you celebrate Midsummer, just let your intuition guide you, the summer solstice reminds us of the light that exists within all of us. It gives us permission to expand and shine our light, rather than dim it, enjoy this time of new beginnings & manifestations! 

Happy Midsummer, Litha, Yule, Christmas whatever you celebrate to all,

With love MothWood 🦋

Art credit Aleksander Karcz.

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