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Lammas Blessings

“Slowly the burgeoning energy of summer
has shifted, and at Lughnasad we begin to see signs of the wheel’s turning. The earth ripens and grows mellow, we can smell the warm and heavy difference in the air. All around us, plants once stiff with juice are drying, going to seed.✨

Everywhere are the signs of harvest, with roadside stands and farmers markets overflowing with produce.The light at sunset grows hazy and golden, and the nighttime insect lullabies outside our windows are softer, weaving through our dreams.✨

The festival is named for the ancient
Celtic sun god, Lugh, one of several gods who must die to be reborn; Lughnasad becomes a feast of mourning for his passing. Old songs such as "John Barleycorn" echo the idea of grain personified, who willingly allows his body to be sacrificed so the people will be fed. Our ancestors understood this great drama in their very bones; some fashioned huge figures made of grain with bread dough in their bellies. At the height of the celebration, these figures
were thrown into the fire.✨

When the ashes had cooled, the
dough, now magically transformed into bread, was shared and eaten in token of the grains great sacrifice of love. The sacred grain is the central symbol for this festival, especially in the form of bread baked with reverent consciousness of the earth that provides our nourishment.✨

Perhaps above all, Lughnasad marks the seed time, where everything begins it’s gradual descent. The plants turn their energy to seed, preparing for the inevitable winter by holding the promise of new life in spring. The seeds give us an imperious command to pay attention; in the dying body of the old is contained the mystery of renewal." ✨

May your week ahead be full of bountiful blessings and good news, with love MothWood x 💎🦋

Credit ref ‘Celebrating
The Great Mother" by Cait Johnson and Maura D Shaw. Art unknown.

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