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Ostara Spring Equinox Crystals


At the Spring Equinox, your journey of soul steps out of the darkness and into the light. 

The Spring Equinox (Ostara) brings together a powerful convergence of dark and light, death and life, and old patterns and new possibilities that are held in balance before the scales tip in favor of light and life. 

Ostara is a time of beginnings, of rebirth and of opening to change. It can be a powerful time for new relationships or for change or growth in existing ones. It reminds us of the opportunity, prosperity and abundance that is flowing to us and tells us to have optimism for the road ahead.

Ostara Affirmation: "I open to the new beginnings that are flowing to me."

MothWood Crystals to work with for Ostara :

Carnelian is said to be a passionate stone inspiring creativity, passion and motivation.Also associated with fertility, source of vitality, sustaining the cycle of re-birth and renewal. Promoting self trust and physical energies.

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Moss Agate encourages perseverance and patience, promotes a peaceful inner and outer environment. It has a strong connection to the plant kingdom and deepens our own connection to Mother  Earth. Moss Agate is known as the Stone of Plentitude. It is said to bring abundance and fullness to all areas of your life.

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Moonstone A divine choice in crystal to help bring back the light of spring from winters cold depths. Captivating, it’s pearly shining veil, bringing calm and balancing the male/feminine energies within. Also a powerful negative energy cleansing stone to work with.

Suggestions for honouring Ostara ~ Garden/plant blessings, seed blessing/sow seeds, flower infused baths, balance/ growth mantras, cultivate new projects, set up abundance crystal grids, make flower crowns, healing meditation circles.

With Love MW 

With Part credit ref Ara The Goddess Circle, Excerpt Path of She Book of Sabbats, Beautiful art by Cristina McAllister

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