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Arfvedsonite (Rare) Crystal Bracelets
Arfvedsonite (Rare) Crystal Bracelets

Arfvedsonite (Rare) Crystal Bracelets

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Arfvedsonite Bracelets 

High Vibration - Awareness - Synchronicity 

Arfvedsonite helps you see the light within yourself. It sparks your appreciation for your true nature and allows you to be comfortable in your own body. It is a rather rare mineral occurring in nepheline syenite intrusions and agpaitic (peralkaline) pegmatites and granites. Dazzling predominantly gold & blue fibrous flashes of amphiboles minerals, with some minor garnet inclusions. (Often mislabeled as Astrophyllite!) Julianebab District, Southern Greenland Handpicked stretchy fit beaded bracelets. 

  Approximate: outer diameter 85-90mm 

Weight: 15-18gm each

One bracelet intuitively picked for you.