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Chrysanthemum Crystal Stone
Chrysanthemum Crystal Stone

Chrysanthemum Crystal Stone

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Chrysanthemum Stone 

Strength  - Calm - Confidence

Chrysanthemum stones were formed many millions of years ago when a deposition of a thick strata of mud that was rich in organic materials occurred at the bottom of the sea. The white “flower” on Chrysanthemum stone consists of andalusite, celestite,feldspar or calcite while the black or brown base rock is dolomite, limestone, porphyry or clay gypsum.

The stones give you feelings of calm confidence and it enhances any environment. Chrysanthemum stone radiates harmony, it processes change with calm and shows you how to work in harmony with others.Chrysanthemum stone will ground you against distractions and shows you the bigger picture of a task.

Lightly oiled to reveal depth of colour excellent pattern Approx 58x50mm 76gm You will receive exact pictured specimen.