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Citrine Crystal Pendant
Citrine Crystal Pendant

Citrine Crystal Pendant

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Citrine Crystal   

Optimism - Clarity - Energy 

Heat treated Citrine energy is based more on the color the stone becomes than its mineralogical properties. It really hits the 3rd chakra or the seat of will. It can help one to be more assertive and outgoing. It also can assist us in helping set proper emotional boundaries and maintaining them.

If you have a hard time saying NO to anything, this stone can be your friend in helping you to say it when you need to. It can help one clearly state what is acceptable to them and what is not. Common Citrine (heat treated) is helpful in assisting one in realizing what one wishes to manifest. It can also help to identify problematic issues when it comes to abundance and prosperity. Whenever doing manifestation work, you want to make sure that you define what one wishes to create. This is essential and productive to helping it happen.

Handpicked For it’s lush colour and rainbow filled tip faceted flame style pendant set with 925 sterling sliver bale.

Approx 31x17mm 6gm

You will receive exact pictured specimen