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Dragon Blood Jasper Crystal Tumblestones
Dragon Blood Jasper Crystal Tumblestones

Dragonsblood Jasper Crystal Tumblestones

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Dragonsblood Jasper  

Courage - Strength - Grounding

Dragonsblood Jasper is said to enhance ones life force, courage, strength, and vitality. Energetically, Dragon Blood Jasper helps you to become centered and grounded. It stimulates the kundalini, activates the Chakras, and aligns meridians.It can also help to bring one's lower self into the service of the heart, helps to lift the emotions, bringing vitality and joy.

Approximate: 17mm - 20mm x 24mm - 28mm
Weight: 16g - 25g This is a stock image, actual product you receive may slightly vary.

One tumble stone intuitively picked for you.

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