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Lilac Smithsonite Crystal Minerals
Lilac Smithsonite Crystal Minerals

Lilac Smithsonite Crystal Minerals

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Lilac Smithsonite Mineral

Inner peace - Relaxation - Harmony

Photos don’t do this velvety lilac tones raw specimens excellent to meditate with. Smithsonite crystals have a soothing energy that restores feelings of inner peace, relaxation and harmony.The lavender or pink stones, or a mixture of these colors, will help to bring deep healing when used at the heart chakra or higher heart, as they resonate feelings of compassion and forgiveness towards others.Smithsonite is a zinc carbonate mineral, and is also known as Bonamite, is often found in the same places as Hemimorphite, Malachite and Cerussite.

Locality Namibia Approx top 50x36mm 66gm bottom approx 50x34mm 48gm.Raw formation minor natural imperfections may occur.One specimen of the two pictured intuitively picked for you.