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Pietersite Crystal Tumble Rare
Pietersite Crystal Tumble Rare
Pietersite Crystal Tumble Rare

Pietersite Crystal Tumble Rare

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Change - Akashic Records - Focus

Not only is this sweet tumble a rarer stone it’s actually opalised Pietersite is said to strengthens your personal power and the ability to shine. This stone is useful for improving your self esteem, joy, enthusiasm & courage. Use this stone to have confidence in your perceptions, it's a tool for healing emotional issues involving personal interactions.
Pietersite is known as the tempest stone because of the hurricanes of energies that this stone can hold, said to bring positive changes to the one who wears it, this beautiful mix of colours and incsluions can be worn daily.
Pietersite is a trade name for a red / blue-grey breccia aggregate made up mainly of hawk's eye and tigereye. It is a variety of chalcedony (itself a variety of quartz) with embedded fibers of amphibole minerals. Locality Namibia 
Beautiful array of all the colours in Pietersite with a mauve opal look very special to hold.
 Approximate:  31x25mm

Weight: 19gm

You will receive exact pictured specimen. Semi polished with some raw formation minor natural imperfections may occur.